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Tax Issues in Divorce

Tax Implications of Your Divorce Settlement

Litigating and/or settling divorce cases often involves complex tax issues that inexperienced family law attorneys overlook. If your divorce case includes litigating property issues, business ownership and the award of spousal support, the decisions you make regarding your settlement will have state and federal tax ramifications you must consider.

Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers is a family law firm that focuses on representing successful professionals, entertainers and executives with substantial financial holdings. We are not tax lawyers. However, we are experienced family law attorneys who understand how important it is to address tax issues as they arise.

Throughout your case, we will work closely with tax attorneys and financial specialists to ensure that the tax issues in your divorce are made clear so that you make well-informed decisions. We have been representing clients of high-net worth for more than 20 years and have earned a reputation for our litigation skills, knowledge and resources in property settlements and judgments involving multimillion-dollar estates.

Tax issues in divorce will have a major impact on a wide range of factors in high- asset divorce and cases involving non-marital relationships:

Many tax issues in divorce are the result of property valuation and the value of the house. We work with professionals to help us prepare the financial data in a way that makes sense. You can’t make an informed decision about your settlement unless you have the information you need.

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