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Art Gallery

The expansive collection of original art gracing the offices of Meyer, Olson, Lowy and Meyers speaks volumes about the distinguished family law firm’s approach to client service. Assembled by founding partner Lisa Helfend Meyer and her colleagues from artists’ studios, galleries, antique shops and flea markets from across the country and around the world, the art reflects the personal and sensitive connections the firm’s attorneys forge with clients. More >

We’ve carefully chosen works that project a feeling of welcome, of being comforted,” says Meyer. “The message we want to communicate is that we’re empathetic to your needs so that when you go through the difficult process of divorce, you’ve got someone there by your side.”

An avid traveler, Meyer has literally carried back canvases on planes, trains and automobiles and remains on the lookout for new treasures. Much of the collection reveals her love of art that depicts women and particularly strong women.

“We have a lot of art that’s reflective of the partners,” adds Meyer. “One of my favorites is behind my desk. It shows a group of powerful women in interesting poses that say ‘don’t mess with me,’ while the figures also have playful side. That’s how we are: tough-as-nails while negotiating or in the courtroom, but behind the scenes we have a side that’s warm and fun.  Clients appreciate knowing our human side…I believe this sets us apart from other divorce lawyers.”