Achieving exceptional results through an uncommon commitment to our clients’ well-being.

Attorney Overview

As women operating a leading law firm, we are proud to bring compassionate support to both male and female clients. Our attorneys have superior litigation and mediation skills along with an emotional attunement to clients that we believe most other attorneys lack. It is equally rare to find a family law firm with the depth of attorneys that Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers has on its bench. We employ a team approach: we work closely together, with you and the other professionals involved with your case. Equally important, you can count on us to be responsive and accessible.

Lisa Helfend Meyer  (read Lisa’s blog on Huffington Post)
Doreen Marie Olson
Dana Lowy
Felicia R. Meyers
Anne N. Slusser
Benjamin Valencia II
Craig S. Pedersen
Marc H. Garelick
Mary H. Redfield
Philip J. Monahan
Eric W. Meyer
Sehba S. Arif
Alyssa Dickerson
Marie A. LaMolinara
Alison J. Brown
Natalie A. Xifo 
Brittany Swanson
Amanda K. Beall
Heather A. Ogden
Sana F. Mashedy
Michael A. Wolkowitz
Ryan D. Wedeking
Heather M. Patrick